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Flybotix Announces REMOTELIA S.A as distribution Partner for ASIO Solution

Flybotix Announces REMOTELIA S.A as distribution Partner for ASIO Solution in Greece & Cyprus

Flybotix, a leading Swiss drone technology designer and manufacturer in the indoor inspection industry located in Lausanne & REMOTELIA S.A, a Top-tier Greek drone solution provider, have announced an exciting new partnership where REMOTELIA S.A is appointed as an official distributor and service provider for Flybotix’ ASIO solution in Greece & Cyprus. Full support and trainings are included for customers looking for professional confined spaces inspection drones.

Thanks to an innovative propulsion system that combines the simplicity of multi-rotors with the aerodynamic efficiency of helicopters, ASIO has at least twice the flight time of similar drones on the market and significantly less noise. It is also a more cost-effective solution compared to other professional confined spaces inspection drones.

Protected by a lightweight cage, the drone allows customers to confidently inspect hazardous and difficult-to-access areas, typically in the infrastructure, energy, and oil and gas industries.

REMOTELIA S.A on its side supplies and supports Marine & Yachts drone inspection programs around the world, and, combining Flybotix’s ASIO to the product portfolio provides clients with a complete professional confined-spaces inspection solution for the Greek market. REMOTELIA S.A will also offer full product support and training as part of the distribution agreement.

ASIO technology offers a great advantage by simplifying the inspection process using a compact and collision-tolerant drone, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. Professionals are confident about ASIO’s superior flight time that will help to streamline and reduce the cost of the entire inspection project.

ASIO is the product of Swiss engineering and is manufactured in Switzerland using components from recognized brands such as maxon Group and Solvay. The product gets its name from the family of Asio owls who are characterized by their excellent night vision and large wing-span, much like the ASIO drone and its long propellers.

About REMOTELIA REMOTELIA S.A. is a leading Service Provider specializing in Remote Inspection Techniques by utilizing intuitive professional indoor drones and state-of-art ROVs for Maritime and Industrial Inspections. Headquartered in the GREECE and approved by BUREAU VERITAS, the company focuses on innovative methods for safer, simpler, efficient, and economical inspections.

About Flybotix Flybotix was founded on the idea that indoor inspection of industrial assets should cost as little as possible in terms of human safety and shutdown time. Thanks to its performance, the Flybotix drone solution ASIO empowers clients to perform streamlined and cost-effective inspections in a safe work environment. The company serves several industries worldwide with customers in Sewers management, Hydro power plants, Oil & Gas, Maritime and Chemical plants. Flybotix ASIO offers the market leading drone fight-time, enabling high-efficiency and safe inspections.


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