Discover how ASIO can help you solve your inspection challenges

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas assets are complex, dangerous and extremely costly when stopped. Discover how ASIO can help you shorten your production interruption while ensuring the safety of your inspectors.


Reduce your refineries’ downtime by using ASIO to inspect the most inaccessible places


Easily inspect inside your factory’s smoketsacks with your workers staying safely on the ground

Oil rigs

Use drones to avoid risks for your workers during the inspection of offshore rigs

Storage tanks

Accelerate the inspection of your storage tanks and reduce the need for scaffolding


Power stations are the backbone of our society and shortages can have disastrous effects. Integrating ASIO to your inspection tools can help you shorten the down-times and reduce your maintenance costs, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

Power plants

Inspect your smokestacks, cooling towers, storage tanks and silos using ASIO to reduce down-time and prevent shortages


Ensure the integrity of the water canals, penstocks and powerhouses by sending ASIO in these difficult-to-reach areas

Wind turbines

Safely reach the top of your wind turbines and inspect inside the pillar, basement or even blades to detect cracks and prevent failures


ASIO can simplify and accelerate the inspection of many other energy assets, like nuclear power plants or waste incinerators


Large public infrastructures like bridges or tunnels are aging and require frequent inspections to control their condition and ensure their safety. ASIO can help your workers inspect more places while standing safely on the ground.


Use ASIO instead of rope access or bucket trucks to accelerate the inspection of bridges structures and deck


Keep your workers on the surface and send ASIO into the sewers to inspect walls and locate fatbergs


Prevent dangerous climbing and expensive scaffolding by using ASIO to inspect high ceiling structures in stadium or factories

Underground mining

Mines are dangerous environments and ensuring their integrity is of prime importance. Discover how ASIO enables you to reduce your inspection costs while keeping your workers safe!


Keep your workers in a safe zone while inspecting raises or dangerous-to-access undeground tunnels

Conveyor belts

Ensure your conveyor belts’ efficiency by using ASIO to inspect their integrity, both inside and below

Mining structures

Perform your regular elevators’ and shafts’ structural inspections timely and ensure your workers’ safety

Other industries

ASIO versatility makes it the perfect solution to inspect safely dangerous situations across many industries. Discover how we can help!

Chemical industry

Observe the inside of your boilers, tanks and reactors in no time and without endangering your workers


Inspect storage and fuel tanks of your ships to ensure their integrity and the safety of your merchandise and crew


ASIO will help shorten the inspection of your large industrial silos, while keeping your workers out of the dangerous places

Elevator shafts

Accelerate your lift inspection times by using ASIO to detect potential defects in elevator shafts


Use ASIO to enter uncleared buildings and assess the situation before deploying your intervention crew